Gerry Summers


Gerry Summers was born in the small highland village of Kintore in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The son of a traditional blacksmith, his childhood was spent watching his father shoe horses and mend ploughs.

He studied Jewellery Design at the Central School of Art and Design and subsequently won prestigious design awards, including The Platinum Award, the Goldsmith’s Competition for Finished Pieces; and the De Beers Diamonds Tomorrow award. He is also proud to have created the jewellery for the iconic Pirelli Calendar featuring Naomi Campbell and Waris Dirie.

Before opening his shop, Gerry worked from his atelier in Barnes, south-west London,  while his work was sold in galleries in London, Scotland, France, Spain and America.

The Inspiration

Colour is integral to Gerry’s designs with his passion for large precious stones. He particularly loves to work with Tourmaline, Tanzanite and Aquamarine, which he often highlights with fine quality and conflict free diamonds. Inspiration comes from his desire to create a symbiosis of natural form and pure geometry; combined with an affinity for the art of ancient cultures. Of his jewellery, Gerry says, I want to create an aesthetic that stimulates the senses, challenges the mind and awakens the soul.

Examples of Gerry's designs and creations:


Paraiba Ring


Paraiba Ring