Stephanie Holt


 About Stephanie Holt:

Every night the jewellery in the Gerry Summers shop is packed away in the safe and every morning it is put out again - this is obviously for security, but the precaution also ensures that the gallery displays remain fresh. And displaying Stephanie Holt’s pieces brightens even the gloomiest days, such are their resplendent light-catching colours.

Stephanie loves geometric and linear forms, and to create wearable sculpture. This is particularly evident in her award winning U.F.O  Unusual Finger Object range which was exhibited at Fortnum and Mason to celebrate British Craftsmanship. Her designs are utterly unique and fabulous to wear.

Stephanie believes Creativity to be an essential part of everyone’s wellbeing and he teaches art and craft to young adults with Special Educational Needs “It’s such a rewarding role to have and to be able to do. I don’t think I could ever stop doing it even if my jewellery became a massive worldwide brand!”

We at Gerry Summers feel very privileged to share Stephanie’s stunning work.